seamless integration

intuitive functionality

definition: smooth and continuous, with no apparent gaps or spaces between one part and the next.

AVIAS’s varied and in depth technical abilities to mesh different types of technologies into a comprehensive system has enabled us to be a ‘go to’ integration provider for a number of partners, manufacturers, service providers and customers. The clients are not always in the audio visual market, however as our integration engineers have significant experience and transferable technology skills, we are able to provide technically accurate, reliable and cost effective solutions.

We have provided diverse design and integration services for many customers, some notable projects are:

  • RCM Technologies - Nuclear Plant Refurbishment Planning

  • OTN Ontario Telemedicine Network - Telemedicine Integration

  • Applied Physics Specialties - Thermal Imaging and custom lens design

  • ANTIBODY Healthcare Communications - Education Course Delivery

  • Schomberg Veterinary Services - Infrastructure and equipment maintenance

  • Polycom - End Point Hardware Design Consultation and Testing

  • Great Lakes Forest Products - material handling and equipment process controls

  • Quietside HVAC (now Samsung) - HVAC design and controls